Our Mission – The Elegant Ellie


Look Elegant. Save Elephants.

we cannot do this alone.


By creating critical partnerships with charities that are committed to saving elephant populations, a portion of every sale goes directly to the cause. Every sale directly affects the future for elephants. We, at The Elegant Ellie, are passionate about making change for their livelihood for years to come.

happy elephant

The Elegant Ellie started with one purpose in mind. Save the elephants. We knew that elephants needed help. But they also needed awareness. Not many people know that about 100 elephants die every day. It saddened us when we learned this! More people needed to know the urgency of the crisis. That is why Elegant Ellie apparel, although cute and stylish, also raises important awareness. The more people that know about the elephant crisis and what The Elegant Ellie does, the more we can do for elephants. 

elephant hoodie

Every purchase from The Elegant Ellie SAVES ELEPHANTS. There is no better way to save elephants that to purchase The Elegant Ellie apparel. Not only will a substantial portion of your purchase immediately be donated to save elephants, your shirt, beanie, kimono, or other apparel will be shipped to you for free. Wearing our fashionable apparel raises important awareness for elephants world-wide. Tell your friends about The Elegant Ellie and make this movement real in your community. The fate of elephants depends on you and I.

This movement is bigger than me. It's bigger than you. It's bigger than The Elegant Ellie. This is about people coming together to save elephants. Analysts have said that by the end of the next decade elephants could be extinct. We CANNOT allow this. You won't allow this. Raise awareness. Save elephants. Wear The Elegant Ellie. Let's do this.


Look Elegant. Save Elephants. The Elegant Ellie.