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Elephant Facts You Didn't Know

African habitat elephants belong to a genus group known as Loxodonta. They are in 37 counties of the continent. Other elephant groups include Asian elephants. Both groups have remarkable physical characteristics that can be distinguished by observation. Those in Africa are fat and have big ears. They also have concave backs, while those in Asia do not. Africans, men and women, have fangs, while in the Asian group, only men have.African elephants are classified as a single species and contain two distinct subspecies, including Savannah elephants and the forest. The Savanna type is very tall and is usually 3.2 to...

Why you should help up save the elephants!

Ethan Hopkins

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Did you know that there are two main species of elephants in the world that include Asian elephant and African elephant? African elephants tend to have larger ears that are shaped like the shaped like the continent of Africa. On the other hand, Asian elephants have smaller ears that tend to be rounded at the top and more flat at the bottom. That is just one way of trying to differentiate them with a large percentage of success. Elephants are a major attraction of tourists when it comes to wildlife. Africa boasts of being a mother to the world’s largest...