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Elephants and Extinction

Ethan Hopkins

The Problem

Elephants are majestic creatures that have been prevalent in many people's lives since their youth. They are the largest creatures that live on land. Even their trunk weighs an average of 400 pounds! Centuries ago, it is estimated that there were around 26 million elephants in Asia alone. Unfortunately now, that number has dropped to under 50,000. The elephant crisis is undeniable.

The Cause

The leading cause of the extinction problem facing elephants is undoubtedly poaching. Ivory is regarded as a very precious commodity. Because of this, people have illegally hunted elephants to sell their ivory. This is not only tragic, but deadly for the remaining elephants. Other problems include poisonings and fights for land between human populations and elephant herds. 

What You Can Do

Show your support for the remaining elephant population by purchasing a stylish Elephant Land necklace or bracelet. Your purchase will directly impact an organization who helps elephants in need called The Elephant Sanctuary. The Elephant Sanctuary provides captive elephants in need with care. 




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