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50% Off Now!

Ethan Hopkins


We are all about getting fashionable products on the market and saving elephants. 10% of every purchase goes directly to The Elephant Sanctuary to help endangered elephants.  To sweeten the deal, we are offering 50% off to anyone who signs up for our email list. I know. I know. Pretty cool right? 

The only thing you need to do to receive half off on your first order is click the "sign up" button on the bottom right of your screen or fill out the pop-up. We feel as if this will get more people involved in the cause and create a better future for elephants quicker. Thw discount can be used on any product on the site for the first order. This includes our Kimonos, shirts, hats, jewelry, and more! Thank you for all you do and make sure to sign up for our news letter to get half off your first order now! 

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